Ode to Target

I had an hour to kill why my girls were at gymnastics, so Wyman and I decided to hit up Target. He’s 1…He had no choice but to join, but I like to think of him as my partner in crime.

I’ve mentioned my love of a good deal and here are the two deals I went home with today:

photo (3)
Threshold Target Pillow Sham

Two new pillow shams: Threshold $5.98 a piece

Threshold Target
Threshold Target
Reversible Threshold Target Pillow Sham
Reversible Threshold Target Pillow Sham

The shams I had on these pillows were the identical color gray of our bedding, and I just felt like it was time to change it up, a little ‘Fall Freshening’ if you will. My Husband and I have been discussing new bedding, but we never agree on anything. Why wouldn’t a man want to sleep on some beautiful cream and pink flowers every night? I’ll never know. So this is what I have for now, but I don’t like being matchy matchy, and I feel like these shams will be a great base for whatever duvet/comforter/quilt comes into our lives next.

Oh and Yes, my walls are basically black. You’ll also notice that I didn’t show anymore of our room, basically our walls are bare still. I have some paintings/pictures up, but nothing feels just right yet. For another day, as with most things in my life I concur them day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute…you get the idea. I wait for the mood to strike.

To thank little man for tagging along today, he didn’t go home empty handed.

Target Rug $13.48
Target Rug $13.48

He got a rug…as you do.

Until life’s next adventure,



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