Kitchen Remodel Nightmare

My kitchen still isn’t done (we started in April) so I’m not ready to share a before and after, but I need some opinions.


Here are are the counter tops, backsplash and cabinets we chose. The counter tops are Formica brand solid surface and we’ve had nothing but issues. It has now cracked twice and so we are ripping it out and putting in granite.

I love the white with the maple, but I’m not sure what direction to go with the granite and now I’ve already got my new backsplash in! This isn’t our forever home so I’m not looking to spend a fortune on this remodel, but when I google for inspiration a lot of what comes up is black granite, and I feel that looks like the 90’s.

Anybody have any suggestions, or better yet a picture?!


2 thoughts on “Kitchen Remodel Nightmare

  1. Me Me! I can help! There are tons of cheap white granite out there. Also, some other great solid surfaces that should not crack. Just depends on the look you want. Quartzite is a fantastic option as well…Much harder stone than granite, so it is not as porous. Large format tiles are another alternative. You can get a carrara look without paying carrara prices. I can give you more in depth info and specific options if you want.


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