Bloom the Workshop

I had a hard time sleeping last Wednesday night in anticipation for Bloom the Workshop. Whats Bloom you ask? Just two amazing girls who collaborate together perfectly and want to share their skills it took years to hone to all us novices out there.

Michaela and Ashley, friends through blogging, set up amazing workshops across the country teaching Blogging, Photography, and Interior Design. Not to mention its just an amazing day of networking, socializing with like minded individuals, beautiful scenery and amazing treats.

photo 4

Here is the back drop, Hydrangea Blu Barn in Rockford, MI. Check it out if you are looking for a wedding venue in Michigan. Easy to access and beautiful grounds.

Inside that adorable barn, I spent an entire day absorbing all I could about blogging, I realize my blog does not show how unbelievable Michaela and Ashley are, but let’s not hold that against them, shall we?

photo 2

This is the amazing tablescape Michaela walked us through, let’s just say after this my kids could not figure out why mommy was making our dinner table so “fancy”. I’d insert a pic of my attempts, but I’m waiting for my gold utensils to arrive….

photo (2)

And this is a pic I took on my iphone while Ashley taught a photography section. I have since purchased a camera, but at the time you make do with what you have, I didn’t think it turned out too badly…but to be fair, I’m no photographer.

An inside look at the barn, and a chandelier that one day will reside in my home.
An inside look at the barn, and a chandelier that one day will reside in my home.

photo 3

We went home with a incredibly well thought out and generous swag bag, but my favorite item was my coffee mug. Not only did it keep my hands warm until the barn warmed up a bit, but it really summed up the day for me.

Please take minute to check out

And if you live in the Atlanta area they are coming to a venue near you!!!