Nerium Trial

A friend gave me a bottle of the Nerium day and night cream to try for a week. Nerium is derived from the Nerium Olieander plant and from what I can tell from a little googling is that the scientist behind it thought they could use the plant to fight cancer as it is a toxic plant. It couldnt, BUT they found it had some anti-aging properties. For better info you can contact my friends Heather Tichelaar and just to clarify Heather asked me if I’d be interested in trying a sample, she did not ask me to review.

Please don’t judge my makeup free, un-photoshoped pics, that wouldn’t be nice. The before pics are ones where I look naked, you’re welcome.

photo 2 (1) photo 2

You leave your face damp after washing it at night and then use four pumps of the night cream all over your face neck and chest, rub any leftovers onto the back of your hands. The night cream feels like a face mask drying, kind of tightening. Then it dries and feels very hydrating.

photo 4 (1)photo 4

The day cream seems pretty regular…and I was disappointed to learn that it doesn’t have any SPF in it. So in addition to the day cream you’re going to have to add a sunscreen on top. I at least feel like the best thing I can do for skin is to wear sunscreen. My friend did explain that Nerium left the SPF out because some people are sensitive to it, I suppose this is just a point of preference.

photo 3 (1) photo 3

I don’t have problem skin, It’s really neither oily or dry and I only really break out during my period. I have a few wrinkles on my forehead that I don’t mind, but would love to take better care of my skin to keep it looking young. You can see in the above pics that I have a red dot on cheek (right below those lovely dark circles), my dermatologist had a fancy name for it, but basically its a tiny red mole. I will say it appeared slightly less noticeable after a week of the Nerium.

photo 5 (1) photo 5

Overall I’d say that I liked the night cream, my skin felt hydrated and smooth. The day cream didn’t seem to be any different that anything else I’ve used. I feel like the things Nerium claims to do are for people trying to reverse the aging process and I’m just not there yet. My mom took samples to Florida and will be using them for the next 10 days and I will post her pics in the next week or so to see what her results look like.

Again, you can see more facts on Nerium at This is just my personal experience with Nerium.