Beauty Product Reviews

Well last week was a bust, sickness hit our house HARD! ┬áMy poor husband was out of town and had to come home, it was all hands on deck. We called in all reinforcement, even Grandpa Deckrow had to change a diaper! I’m not sure the last time that ever happened…it might have been a first.

Onward and upward, sickness is over, Thanksgiving is coming. All my Christmas decorations are out! The earliest I have ever decorated, I was really in the spirit because Michigan has had some record snow for November…and then it all melted. The day after I decorated it rained, all day.

So here are some things that make me happy, because we all need a little positivity.

My favorite item from all the BirchBox’s I’ve received.


Beauty Protector: Protect and Detangle

I will be totally honest, no matter what shampoo and conditioner I use I will always get dry scalp. Generally speaking I use Head & Shoulders, even salon grade shampoo dries me out. This might be why my kids have ezcema…Anyway, Beauty Protector is wonderful, it makes my hair so smooth and easy to comb. It has a built in protector which is great for those of us who style our hair with some kind of heat. Plus it smells like vanilla, so good.

cuppa cuppa tea mask

I am turning 30 next year and for the last few years I have been trying lots of different skin care products to try and combat my age. I know I’m not old nor do I have many facial woes, but I’d rather be preventative than reactionary. What I loved about Cuppa Cuppa Firming Tea Mask was that it has lots of antioxidants and natural ingredients, and didn’t have a bunch of things I couldn’t pronounce. You put the mask on, it sets and then you use a little water to wash it away. It really is dual action though because when you scrub it off it has micro beads that exfoliate and leave your skin feeling smooth.

laura mercier

I have been using the same mascara for the last three years, not the same bottle you sicko. My absolute favorite is Lashgasm by Too Faced. When I receive mascara samples, which happens with way too much frequency, I’m usually pretty unimpressed. Laura Mercier Full Blown Volume gives my old standby a run for its money. The brush looks pretty traditional, doesn’t have a crazy shape to it, but it really does the job of separating each lash. Two coats and my lashes are long, dark, and not all clumped together. No one wants spider eyes (where you lashes looks like spider legs, its gross).

whish shave cream

And to be clear that I am not simply here to promote BirchBox, I throughly dislike their Shave Cream. Whish Shave Cream will not be getting a link, because you should not buy it. The worst part is that they market it as moisturizing…I was honestly looking forward to a more enjoyable shaving experience. It felt like I used an Irish Spring soap bar to lather my legs, even my hands had that terrible dry feeling immediately after washing the soap off.

That is all I have for now! Happy Thanksgiving week!!